Post construction cleaning what is it?

Post construction cleaning

Post construction cleaning is a very thorough one. It should be done by professionals because it includes:

  1. Physical endurance
  2. Trash removal and recycling after
  3. Disinfection
  4. Dedusting

By the way, our cleaning company offers not only post construction cleaning:

  1. Regular cleaning
  2. Deep cleaning
  3. Maid service 
Cleaning after construction is absolutely MUST

All these services we perform at many locations. Not only a 3 bedroom apartment:

For all these cleaning services people should be well-trained, skilled, know the rules of waste disposal, and obtain professional detergents. 

Moreover, cleaning after construction takes a lot of time: about 3-5 hours. It is better to delegate it to our cleaning company. 

Why is it important to clean up deeply and book a cleaning company? 

  • — A lot of dust remains after renovation. It is very dangerous! It affects allergic people and provokes respiratory illnesess. Spending hours on dusty work may damage your health. Our staff has special protecting clothes
  • —  After construction works there are many stubborn stains. To remove them you need to use special equipment
  • — 100% at your locations there is a lot of rubbish. It should be picked up and sorted out properly

We provide our cleaning services at the following locations:

Commercial locations:

  1. Office cleaning
  2. Business center cleaning
  3. Industrial premises cleaning
  4. Shopping mall cleaning

Residential locations:

  1. Apartment(1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms) cleaning
  2. House cleaning  
  3. Villa cleaning
  4. Studio cleaning

Book cleaning after construction on our website and your locations will be ready for settlement.



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