Post construction cleaning

Post construction cleaningi by Clean Fox Company

Each apartment and other premise after construction need a thorough cleaning.

Should you do it yourself or not is rather a big question. All the dust and dirt that remains after construction can have a negative impact on your health and the health of your family and colleagues, etc. Construction dust has a finely dispersed form, and if it is not eliminated immediately, then in the future it will appear again and again, causing harm to the lungs.

Instead of wasting your health and time on cleaning after renovation, pay attention to another option. While you are relaxing or doing your own business in a cozy place, we are doing the cleaning for you!

Our team consists of professional cleaners with special equipment who will perform cleaning after construction of any complexity level quickly, efficiently, and reliably!

That's not all! Our list of services includes:

General cleaning service

Post-repairs cleaning service

Regular domeastic or office cleaning service

Deep cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning

Post-rental cleaning service

Cleaning after insect baiting and other disasters

That's not all! Our list of services includes:

Renovation take a lot of resources. Just imagine how much time and nerves will you spend additionally to wipe off the remnants of paint, varnish and other building mixes? It is better to order professional cleaners who will cope with this task in no time!

What conditions do we offer?

  • Individual approach to each client. Starting from the selection of cleaning chemicals, taking into account all the features of the building and premises after repairs, ending with the formation of the cost.
  • Advanced equipment with the latest techniques.Following the latest trends allows you to clean as quickly and efficiently as possible!
  • 100 % safe cleaning products. This isan important factor for those who has animals and children.
  • Quality assurance. Before starting work, we conclude a contract that sets out all the details of the upcoming cleaning, as well as additional cleaning options.
  • High professionalism.We teach our cleaners the rules of polite communication, careful attitude to the customer’s property, competent approach of cleaning products and equipment. In our company, a cleaner is not just a cleaner. He is a professional in his field!

That's not all! Our list of services includes:

The Clean Fox cleaning company has many years of experience in fulfilling orders for cleaning after renovation. We have thoroughly studied the entire range of services that our clients are interested in and constantly expanding options according to their preferences.

What is included in cleaning after renovation?

Garbage collection and removal

Cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings and, if necessary, furniture, from traces of repairs (glue, cement, paint, etc.)

Cleaning of grout joints

Wet cleaning of doors, doorways and fittings throughout the premise

Wet cleaning of all surfaces of the apartment

General cleaning of the balcony

Why order a cleaning service if you can do it yourself?

On the Internet, you can find a lot of tutorials and life hacks on how to deal with garbage and dirt after renovation. Most of them work: you can really put the apartments in order without ordering the cleaning services, but is the insignificant saving of money worth the effort?

Your time, health, physical and moral strength are the most valuable resources. Are you ready to spend it for cleaning stains, take-out large-sized garbage collection, selection of tools for removing stains from various surfaces and many other cleaning tasks?

Advantages of professional cleaning from the Clean Fox company

  • Deadlines. Always observed Our team of professionals will perform the cleaning much faster than if you had done it yourself.
  • Special equipment and individual detergents for any surface.If you have a child or are allergic, we will use hypoallergenic detergents.
  • Trained professionals who don’t need to be controlled. Cleaning is carried out not by one person, but by a high-qualified team, which speeds up the process.
  • Quality. You don’t have to worry about finding undetected construction dust or stains on the wall and floor in the far corner after six months.
  • Urgency. If you need urgent cleaning – no problem. All that you need is to make one call and a professional team is already there.
  • We work under an agreement.We are financially responsible for our work, therefore you can be sure of the quality of the cleaning service provided.

The price of our company’s services is fully justified, and the pricing process is transparent. After calculating the amount of upcoming work, our specialists prescribe the price in the contract that our company enters into with the customer.

There are two ways to order cleaning after renovation in Dubai by Clean Fox company:

  1. The client makes a call to our hotline and clarifies all the details of his order to a professional manager.
  2. The client leaves a corresponding request on our website, after which the manager of our company contacts the client as soon as possible.

You should share with us all details of the needed cleaning. It will allow us to choose the right equipment and necessary chemicals in advance.

Having all the details approved the contract might be concluded. This is a guarantee for all our clients that that our company’s services will be of performed perfectly. Without a pre-signed contract, the workflow doesn’t start. Payment from the client is made immediately after receiving the completed cleaning process. 

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