Move in and move out cleaning

Move-out and Move-in Cleaning Services in Dubai

Moving is always a big job. It brings a lot of hassle and requires maximum concentration to solve a huge number of tasks. Getting rid of unnecessary things, packing countless boxes, ordering a truck and so on… Often there is no energy or time left for the final cleaning.

What to do if you have to return the premises to the landlord  in a perfect condition? Or you want to sell the apartment faster?

Entrust move-out cleaning in Dubai to the professionals of the Clean Fox Cleaning Services and make your former home or office spotlessly clean!

Move-out Cleaning Services in Dubai

The move-out cleaning is performed when all the furniture is taken out of the apartment or office. This is necessary so that the cleaners can accurately determine what type of cleaning is required. Often, after making the empty, it is found out that the carpet under the furniture is jammed, and the walls are covered in grease. In such cases, a deep cleaning might be required.

What is Included in the Move-out Cleaning?

Move-out cleaning in Dubai is similar to deep cleaning in some point. During the cleaning process, the Clean Fox Cleaning Services teams perform the following works:

Cleaning of all surfaces of the room (floor, walls, ceiling)

Wet cleaning and dedusting of horizontal surfaces

Cleaning of the kitchen area

Clean batteries and baseboards

Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture

Disinfection of the bathroom

Window washing

Cleaning of lighting fixtures

Garbage removal

What is Included in the Move-out Cleaning?

Are you impatient to move in a new home as soon as possible? Take your time, because you don’t know how thoroughly the previous tenants cleaned it before moving out. If you want to avoid any troubles during your movement, we recommend to hire the professional move-in cleaning services in Dubai.

Our cleaning company is trusted by clients throughout Dubai. High-quality teams of Clean Fox Cleaning Services will perform move-in or any other type of cleaning for you quickly and efficiently. Fixed prices for cleaning will also allow you to reduce costs and not worry about the fact that the cleaners will do the work slowly.

What does Move-in Cleaning in Dubai consist of?

The cleaners perform the following list of cleaning works during move-in cleaning:

– Wet cleaning of the rooms
– Dedusting of all surfaces
Washing windows, doors
– Cleaning of plumbing
– Washing mirrors, lighting fixtures
– Garbage removal
– Disinfection and antiseptic treatment of the room if necessary

Why Should You Order Our Move-out / Move-in Cleaning Services?

Our Clean Fox Cleaning Services cares about customers and their premises. The majority of our clients in Dubai trust us with their apartments and offices and book our cleaning services again and again. That is the indicator that we are a trusted cleaning company with a good standards of providing a qualitative services.

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