Monthly and weekly cleaning

Monthly and Weekly Cleaning in dubai

What cleaning activities are done monthly, weekly or daily? You will realize that this question has no precise answer since no schedule works well for similar individuals.
If kids are present, the frequency of cleaning is likely to change such that monthly chores are performed weekly, and weekly chores are done daily. The vice versa is true if your house has no children.

Designing a Cleaning Schedule

Life can make everyone busy at times, such that many people form the habit of making cleaning a non-priority.
In such situations, only a cleaning schedule can save you. It is a practical approach to simplify cleaning so that it does not become stressful.

Developing schedules work for everyone and prioritizes cleaning, though it can be a confusing job.

When designing the cleaning routine, you must identify all the tasks you need to complete to clean your house.  Secondly, group all the tasks by frequency. Grouping by how regular they need to be completed allows easier time allocation for each chore.  Again, it would be best to be logical when forming the routine. Some things may be urgent to complete, while others may wait as life gets by.

Weekly Cleaning Activities
When building a house cleaning schedule, some duties are meant to be more frequent than others. Similarly, other chores require less regular care and can be done once a week.
You can subdivide the weekly tasks into the first six days of the week in that each day is assigned a bunch of jobs.
One of the assignments can be mopping the dirty floors after spending the weekends with children around in the house.
Another area that you can never ignore is the bathroom. You have to get the scrub brush and plastic gloves to clean up.
Dusting and vacuuming is the other crucial activity to complete weekly.
Every week, you have to eliminate the clutter by throwing it away.

Monthly Cleaning Activities 

Cleaning a house happens daily since the accumulation of germs, dust, and dirt is inevitable. However, it is similarly crucial to understand that some jobs are only completed once per month. Clean up ceiling fans and light fixtures because it has been a while, and seeing dust is not surprising. 

Even there are no kids around, crayon marks and splatters can occur on walls, and you need to wipe them. Do not forget to wash curtains and drapes monthly. Moreover, vacuuming inside furniture is necessary.

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