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Cleaning after construction is absolutely MUST

Cleaning after construction

Cleaning after construction Cleaning after construction is a very thorough one. It should be done by professionals because it includes: Physical endurance Trash removal and

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Full construction




At your discretion! But in principle this is not necessary. You are insured against damage and theft of your property. Our company works under a contract, we do not cooperate with dubious and unscrupulous people. Our employees are trained in proper and careful cleaning, they are responsible for the safety of everything that was in your home.

We are the cleaning company that cares about its customers. We clean apartments only with professional household chemicals, thanks to which we give a 100% guarantee that the client will not have allergies. We choose chemistry that suits your surfaces so that things and coatings last longer.

Cleaning from a cleaning company will take no more than 6 hours. It all depends on the number of square meters and how dirty your living space is. At the time when the cleaners are cleaning, you do not have to be indoors, you can go on business, go for a walk, to a cafe, a restaurant, with children to the park, or maybe you even invite a cleaner while the children are at school while you are at work.

We have a system of flexible discounts, which you can get acquainted with by phone. sent only after a one-time appeal, they turn to us again. We value our clients. Subsequent and subsequent orders of our cleaning services are cheaper. Try it, we know for sure you’ll like it!

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