Apartment cleaning in Dubai


Apartment cleaning in Dubai

Apartment Cleaning

Regular apartment cleanup and taking care of it is a sure way to get your security deposit back.

Cleaning an Apartment before Moving In

Cleaning and placing everything in order is a must upon arriving in your apartment. It doesn’t matter if you are renting or planning to live.  Always clean from the top position working your way downwards anytime you start cleaning. 

Since a kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas, clean all appliances. Ensure you rinse them thoroughly. Such items include the cooker, dishwasher, and microwave.

What you should know about Apartment Cleaning before Moving Out

Clean bathroom walls and tiles. You can complete the cleaning in different ways. If you have a tiled bathroom, the simplest approach to eliminate stains is creating your cleaner with a spray container or bottle. Then, spray the liquid solution on the tiles. 

After doing away with the bathroom and kitchen, focus on cleaning the bedroom area. Of all rooms, this one seems easier to deal with. 

Note that cleaning floors must come last because dust and other particles land there when you are cleaning other areas of the apartment. 

Many apartment managers always have a checklist that guides them to check your apartment for cleanliness. 

Ensure that your apartment appears cleaner than the apartment owner expects it to be when you move out.

It would be better if you understood whatever is expected of you to clean and ensure you do the same way expected. Such an approach guarantees you a full deposit back.  However, the move-out apartment cleaning may sound more work for you. Hiring specialized cleaning services to do everything for you as long as you pay them is also allowed.  If they have experience, cleaning effectively and quickly is easier.

Clean an Apartment Quickly and Efficiently 

First things first. Clear the clutter. Failing to understand where to start is the most significant aspect keeping many individuals away from undertaking effective apartment cleaning. After you are done with cluttering, you can proceed to your kitchen. Clean and organize the utensils. 

The next step is reaching out to clothes and organizing them. Place the dirty ones in a basket and make the bed. Making your bed tidy is more manageable, and it makes a difference.

Do not forget or avoid the bathroom. Most folks skip cleaning the bathroom, considering it the least friendly place to clean.  Finally, wipe surfaces like floors and counters. Do the sweeping and mopping of the floor.

Deep cleaning apartment

Due to the dusty weather in Dubai, the houses get easily dirty by the accumulation of dust in every nook and cranny. Over a period of time, the dirt gathered in your home can not be removed by normal cleaning. 

So, the solution is to hire the most affordable, efficient, and professional deep cleaning services Deep cleaning regulations for employee of “Clean fox” cleaning company. Cleaning is done from top to bottom in each room. 

Dust is removed from: curtain rods, chandeliers, wardrobe surfaces, air conditioning units, heating radiators, interior and entrance doors.

 The walls are dusted (remove deposits if necessary, remove grease stains). The surfaces and insides of (empty) cupboards, dressers, tables, and upholstered furniture are dusted; furniture is moved away (if possible). Wet treatment of doors, handles, slopes, sockets, switches. The appliances are washed from the outside. Cupboards, drawers, tables, armchairs are moved away (if possible) and hard-to-reach areas are dusted. Wet cleaning of floors, skirting boards, including hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning of soft furniture by vacuum cleaner. In the kitchen: apron, extractor hood, surfaces, apron garnish, tables, faucets, sinks are degreased. In bathrooms, tiles, mirrors, glass surfaces of showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks are treated. Faucets and showerheads are treated.

Take out household rubbish to designated places (provided that no more than 2 walkers can be taken out).

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