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The sofa in your living area gets a lot of use, and, in the long run, it has likely witnessed a bit more dirt than usual.
Fabric, leather, and leatherette, the most common upholstery materials, call for cleaning steps slightly different in technique and the solvent types used.
The following are the steps followed for the respective types of sofas.

Cleaning a leatherette Sofa
Leatherette sofa is relatively manageable to clean compared to the other types. You will need liquid dish soap to add it in a bowl of water drop-wise.
Use a dry hand towel to moisten it in the slight soapy solution, and apply all over the leatherette fabric.
Next, you have to get another clean hand towel and dampen it in plain water before wiping the leatherette. Give it some minutes to dry. If the sofa has stains, you can clean using the nail polish remover. Remember to scrub the upholstery gently since the natural colour may peel off.

Cleaning a Leather Sofa

For the leather sofa, you begin with vacuuming. In most cases, focus on the crannies and seams where dirt like dust is likely to accumulate more.
Smear some leather cleaner on a clean and dry towel or cloth and clean the surface lightly. You can as well use white vinegar in place of leather cleaner with a microfiber cloth to complete the cleaning.
You are likely to come across stains. To do away with such, you spray white vinegar or any cleaning solution and allow it to settle for some time.
After that, spot the place dry using a clean white cloth. You can use a hairdryer to dry the area completely.
The leather has to maintain the softness. Therefore, apply a leather conditioner on the sofa after about every six months.

Cleaning a Fabric Sofa

Like the leather couch, vacuum the surface. The type of fabric on your sofa doesn’t matter, whether microfiber, rayon, or acetate. Use a blunt object to remove soil or any solid dirt buildup. Once done with the two steps, you can spray a fabric cleaner on the seat and remember to spot-test it first before spraying.

Next, use a white microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution to softly rub the couch. You use a white material since others colours are likely to fade. the stains accumulated on the sofa, remove them by spraying isopropyl alcohol on the specific areas. Wipe the surfaces gently to remove the stains on the fabric.

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