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Can you enhance focus, health, and productivity in a dirty office? I guess the answer is a big NO. An office must look professional, and one of the ways to achieve such is through cleaning it.

Most working offices get dirty quickly with clutters all over because of increased activities. This is where cleaning becomes a priority.

What you need to have to clean an Office

To retain office hygiene and mind about staff health, it is essential to access office cleaning products.

As the list for the supplies might differ reliant on the needs, size, and type of the office in question, a given checklist offers a foundation for anybody looking to maintain office cleanliness.

The essential items you must have include gloves, trash bags, hand soap, cleaning cloths or towels, cleaning solutions for floors, spray cleaner for windows, and disinfectants.

Those are materials that you should possess before starting to clean. They are relatively affordable, easily accessible or readily available.

The office manager should ensure the primary products are available to be put to good use in allowing a cleaner office. The cleaner the office the better the productivity and increased staff morale.

Steps to Clean an Office

The first thing to think of is checking for papers on and around the office desk(s). Decide about the papers you still need and place the ones you no longer need in the trash bag.

Secondly, dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, and eliminate cobwebs. Do not forget to clean the mirrors, windows, and other glossy surfaces.

Use a disinfectant to wipe doorknobs, light switches, doorframes, and handles.

Since computers are typical in an office setting, you will have at least one to clean and sanitize to remove dust, smudges, or contaminants.

Finally, you can vacuum and mop the floors.

How often should you clean your Office?

Cleaning an office layout thoroughly to offer a comfy, healthy and welcoming setting calls for regular cleaning practices. The cleaning can be subdivided into daily, weekly, and monthly depending on the activities involved. Daily, ensure you check every corner for papers or debris and dispose of them correctly. Vacuuming any dirt, you cannot use your hand to remove happens daily. 

After every week, dust all surfaces such as cabinets, shelves, and desks. Also, wipe calculators, telephones, and keyboards using a disinfectant spray. Vacuuming carpeted floors should also happen weekly. Activities such as cleaning windows and wall-mounted components like paper towel dispensers happen once a month.

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