Difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning

Difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning

Difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning is a question. What to choose? So, we want to clarify it.

What does regular cleaning include? 

  • — Mopping
  • — Dusting
  • — Cleaning all accessible surfaces
  • — Trash removal
  • — Kitchen and its facilities cleaning
  • — Bathroom cleaning
  • — Making a bed

What does deep cleaning include? 

  • — Thorough dusting: curtains, radiators, chandeliers and so on
  • — Mopping
  • — Cleaning of soft furniture
  • — Outside cleaning of appliences
  • — Wet cleaning of doors, sockets, handles and switchers
We work at many commercial locations. It is better to specify with our manager

We provide regular and deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning means that every accessible facilities, furniture, and surfaces are cleaned. Our cleaners also disinfect. To make your location neat we do out everything we can. However, you can specify some cleaning services and ask for extra ones. 

This type of cleaning happens 2-4 times a year. It lasts about 4 hours(depending on the total area of your locations) because cleaners do it from top to bottom. Deep cleaning is more detailed.

Regular cleaning’s goal is to maintain cleanliness. Notwithstanding the fact that general cleaning is not so thorough, the level of quality is also high. Regular cleaning takes place 1 time a day, a week and a month.

We provide regular and deep cleaning:

  1. Apartment cleaning: 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms
  2. Studio cleaning
  3. Villa cleaning
  4. House cleaning
  5. Office cleaning 

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